Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies and similar technologies (collectively "tools") provided either by us or by third parties.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device. Comparable technologies are in particular web storage (local / session storage), fingerprints, tags or pixels. Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies and similar technologies. However, you can usually adjust your browser settings so that these tools are rejected or only stored with your prior consent. If you refuse these tools, you may not be able to use all of our services without problems.

You can object to the usage of certain tools at any time. To do so, you can simply write us at Alternatively, you can assert your objection to certain tools directly with the provider.

If personal data is transferred to third countries, we refer you to our privacy policy, also with regard to the risks this may entail.

In the following, the tools we use are listed, whereby we inform you in particular about the providers of the tools, the storage period of the tools and the transfer of data to third parties.

1        Essential Tools

We use certain tools to enable the basic functions of our website ("Essential tools"). Without these tools, we could not provide our service.

1.1       OneTrust Cookie Consent

Our website uses OneTrust’s cookie consent, which is provided by OneTrust LLC, 1200 Abernathy Rd NE, Building 600, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA (“Cookie Consent”). Cookie Consent allows our organization to do a complete discovery of the cookies, local storage, and tags that are currently being offered on our website. This provides insight into the ways in which we capture a site visitor's personal information when they browse our site. Our team can use this information to build a site banner and preference centres that allow site visitors to directly control which categories of cookies can capture and process their information.

This tool uses the following cookies:

  • OptanonConsent (6 months): It stores information about the categories of cookies the site uses and whether visitors have given or withdrawn consent for the use of each category. This enables site owners to prevent cookies in each category from being set in the users' browser when consent was not given;

To know more about OneTrust’s cookie usage, consult its privacy policy here.

2        Non-essential Tools

We furthermore use other tools, especially those for marketing purposes, and to collect statistics and analyse general usage behaviour based on access data.

2.1       Hubspot

Our website uses Hubspot, a service provided by Hubspot Ireland Limited, 2nd Floor, 30 North Wall Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland ("Hubspot"). Hubspot sets cookies when a user visits our website for tracking purposes, in order to understand how they use it so that we may build and maintain our service through user feedback.

This tool uses the following cookies:

  • _hg_opt_out (6 months): used by the opt-in privacy policy to remember not to ask the visitor to accept cookies again. This cookie is set when visitors are given the choice to opt out of cookies. It contains the string “yes” or “no”;
  • _hs_do_not_track (6 months): use to prevent the tracking code from sending any information to HubSpot. It contains the string “yes”;
  • _hs_initial_opt_in (7 days): used to prevent the banner from always displaying when visitors are browsing in strict mode. It contains the string “yes” or “no”;
  • _hs_cookie_cat_pref (6 months): used to record the categories a visitor consented to. It contains data on the consented categories;
  • _hs_gpc_banner_dismiss (180 days): used when the global privacy control banner is dismissed. It contains the string “yes” or “no”;
  • hs_ab_test (session): used to consistently serve visitors the same version of an A/B test page they have seen before. It contains the id of the A/B test page and the id of the variation that was chosen for the visitor;
  • <id>_key (14 days): when visiting a password-protected page, this cookie is set so future visits to the page from the same browser do not require login again. The cookie name is unique for each password-protected page. It contains an encrypted version of the password so future visits to the page will not require the password again;
  • hs-messages-is-open (30 minutes): This cookie is used to determine and save whether the chat widget is open for future visits. It is set in your visitor's browser when they start a new chat, and resets to re-close the widget after 30 minutes of inactivity. If your visitor manually closes the chat widget, it will prevent the widget from re-opening on subsequent page loads in that browser session for 30 minutes. It contains a boolean value of True if present;
  • hs-membership-csrf (session): used to ensure that content membership logins cannot be forged. It contains a random string of letters and numbers used to verify that a membership login is authentic;
  • hs-messages-hide-welcome-message (1 day): used to prevent the chat widget welcome message from appearing again for one day after it is dismissed. It contains a boolean value of True or False;
  • _hsmem (7 days): set when visitors log in to a HubSpot-hosted site. It contains encrypted data that identifies the membership user when they are currently logged in;
  • _cf_bm (30 minutes): set by HubSpot's CDN provider and is a necessary cookie for bot protection;
  • hs_langswitcher_choice (2 years): used to save a visitor’s selected language choice when viewing pages in multiple languages. It is set when a visitor selects a language from the language switcher and is used as a language preference to redirect them to sites in their chosen language in the future if they are available. It contains a colon-delimited string with the ISO639 language code choice on the left and the top-level private domain it applies to on the right. An example will be "";
  • _cfruid (session): set by HubSpot’s CDN provider because of their rate-limiting policies.

To know more about Hubspot's cookie usage, consult its privacy policy here.

2.2       Adobe Analytics

Our website uses Adobe Analytics, which is provided by Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited, 4-6 Riverwalk, Citywest Business Park, 0000 Dublin 24, Ireland (“Adobe Analytics). Adobe Analytics provides reporting, visualizations, and analysis of Customer Data that allows us to discover actionable insights. It lets us mix, match, and analyze data from any digital point in the customer journey. With in-depth analysis, versatile reporting, and predictive intelligence, we get the insightful foundation you need to build better customer experiences.

Adobe Analytics uses cookies to differentiate requests from different browsers and to store helpful information that an application can use later. They can also be used to associate browsing information to customer records. It furthermore uses cookies to anonymously define new visitors, help analyze clickstream data, and track historical activity on the website, such as response to particular campaigns or the length of the sales cycle.

This tool uses the following cookies:

  • s_cc (session): determines whether cookies are enabled in the browser;
  • s_sess (session): This cookie is used to collect the previous link, percentage of pages viewed, a cookies enabled flag and some more on plugins installed in the browser.
  • s_pers (30 minutes): This cookie is used to collect information about the usage of our site.
  • AMCV_30545A0C536B768C0A490D44%40AdobeOrg (7 days): It stores a unique visitor identifier, and uses an organisation identifier to allow a company to track users across their domains and services
  • AMCVS_30545A0C536B768C0A490D44%40AdobeOrg

To know more about Adobe's cookie usage, consult its privacy policy here.

2.3       Adobe Audience Manager

Our website uses Adobe Audience Manager, which is provided by Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited, 4-6 Riverwalk, Citywest Business Park, 0000 Dublin 24, Ireland (“Adobe Audience Manager”). Adobe Audience Manager provides a platform for managing digitally addressable consumer data. The application allows us to aggregate various data sources and combine common traits of visitors in order to define high value audience segments that can then be applied to applicable use cases – such as unifying users across all touch points, look-a-like modelling, ad targeting, or content targeting for site-side optimization. Therefore, it allows us to understand our audiences and get a complete view of your audience by combining all of your data sources in one place. It furthermore lets us create new segments and continually discover and organize new, valuable segments for smarter targeting and personalization. Lastly, it also allows us to advertise effectively, by making our ad campaigns more productive by targeting specific segments on any platform.

Audience Manager relies on a few simple cookies to perform different functions. These include things like assigning IDs, recording data calls, error tracking, and testing to see if cookies can be set.

This tool uses the following cookies:

  • Demdex (6 months): helps perform basic functions such as visitor identification, ID synchronisation, segmentation, modelling, reporting, etc;
  • Dextp (6 months): used to record the last time it made a data synchronization call;
  • Dpm (6 months): used to record information around synchronisation of IDs;

To know more about Adobe's cookie usage, consult its privacy policy here.

2.4       Meta Pixel

Our website uses Meta Pixel, a service provided by Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland ("Meta Pixel"). Meta Pixel is a tool that allows us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising by understanding the actions people take on our website. It helps us implement JavaScript code on our website to track and dynamically provide content to site visitors, by setting tracking cookies in order to help us understand how our website is used, as well as advertising cookies in order for us to reach customers in the future through Facebook ads. Site visitors are matched to their respective Facebook accounts and identified through cookies set on their devices. The Meta Pixel tracks URLs and domains visited, as well as the devices used by site visitors.

Tools used:

  • _fbp (3 months): used to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers.

To know more about Meta's cookie usage, consult its privacy policy here.

2.5       LinkedIn Insight Tag

Our website uses LinkedIn Insight Tag, a service provided by LinkedIn Ireland, Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland ("LinkedIn Insight Tag"). LinkedIn Insight Tag is a piece of JavaScript code that we add to our website in order for us to be able to report on our ad campaigns and understand visitor usage of our website. With it we track conversions, retarget website visitors and view demographic information on LinkedIn members who visit our website. It works by setting cookies on visitors' web browsers when our website are visited, allowing us to determine to which users ads are displayed to, in order to improve marketing campaign results and to better report the effectiveness of the used ads.

This tool uses the following cookies:

  • lidc (1 day): used for routing from share buttons and ad tags;
  • UserMatchHistory (session): used by LinkedIn Ads to help measure advertising performance;
  • bcookie (1 year): used for identifying the Browser ID. It is set from LinkedIn share buttons and ad tags

To know more about LinkedIn's cookie usage, consult its privacy policy here.

2.6       Google Analytics 4

Our website uses the web analytics service Google Analytics 4, a service provided by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland ("Google Analytics 4"). If you have not consented to the use of the analytics tools, your data will not be collected as part of Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics 4 uses JavaScript and pixels to read information on your terminal device and cookies to store information on your terminal device. This is used to analyse your usage behaviour and to improve our website. The access data is compiled by Google on our behalf into pseudonymous usage profiles and transferred to a Google server in the USA. We will process the information obtained in order to evaluate your use of the website and to compile reports on website activities.

The data collected as part of the usage analysis of Google Analytics 4 is enriched with data from the Google Search Console and linked to data from Google Ads, in particular to measure the success of our advertising campaigns (so-called conversions).

The following data may be processed by Google Analytics 4: IP address; user ID and device ID; referrer URL (previously visited page); pages viewed (date, time, URL, title, length of stay); downloaded files; clicked links to other websites; achievement of certain goals (conversions); technical information (operating system; browser type, version and language; device type, brand, model and resolution); approximate location (country, region and city, if applicable, based on anonymised IP address).

This tool uses the following cookies:

  • _ga_958M6J9FEJ (2 years): used to persist session state;
  • _ga (2 years): used to distinguish users

To know more about Google's cookie usage, consult its privacy policy here.

2.7       Google AdSense

Our website uses Google AdSense, a service provided by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland. AdSense sends a cookie to the user's browser after any impression, click, or other activity that results in a call to Google's servers. If the browser accepts the cookie, the cookie is stored on the browser. Most commonly, AdSense sends a cookie to the browser when a user visits a page that shows Google ads. Pages with Google ads include ad tags that instruct browsers to request ad content from Google's servers. When the server delivers the ad content, it also sends a cookie. But a page doesn’t have to show Google ads for this to happen; it just needs to include ad tags, which might load a click tracker or impression pixel instead.

Cookies used:

  • _gcl_au (3 months): used for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services.

To know more about Google's cookie usage, consult its privacy policy here.

3        Changes to this Cookie Policy

We may update our Cookie Policy from time to time. We, therefore, encourage you to review this Cookie Policy periodically for any changes.

Changes to this Cookie Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.

4        Contact us

If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, do not hesitate to get in touch with Helvetic Motion AG, at Werftstrasse 80, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland or through