Get to know us better

Hereby we would like to introduce you to the talented minds that make up the management team at Helvetic Motion AG. Together we are passionate about shaping the mobility of the future and providing innovative solutions to the changing needs of our customers.

At a time when mobility is increasingly becoming the driving force in our society, we face exciting challenges and opportunities. We are committed to advancing our vision of sustainable, efficient and connected mobility.

Our Management Team

marco_venturini_ceo_mss_fahrzeugvermietung (1) (1)
Marco Venturini
Managing Director
Thierry Gavoille
Head of Business Development
Richard Dolmetsch
Head of Digital
IMG_7408 (1)
Thierry Schütz
Head of Yield & Risk Management
Ioannis Alevizos
Head of Finance and Accounting
Christoph Rechsteiner
Head of Operations and Quality Assurance
Marc Wyssling
Head of Fleet